SUGAR 2019/20 Kicked-off in China: The SUGAR GKO Hot Pot Recipe

From October 28 until November 2, the SUGAR Network’s Global Kick-Off (GKO) took place in Hefei, China. For the second time, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) hosted over 170 students and lecturers from 20 different universities. For the SUGAR novices among the readers, the GKO is the beginning of the 9-month long academic course on Design Thinking that is taught synchronically in all universities belonging to the SUGAR network. Every year the SUGAR GKO has its own flavor. So, let’s see, what it was made of this year:

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New SDT-Cycle 2019/20 Kicked-Off
On Thursday and Friday, September 19 and 20, we kicked off the new cycle of our Service Design Thinking (SDT) program. This year, 21 students from four graduate programs at KIT (Computer Science, Electronical Engieering, Industrial Engieering, Information Systems, and Mechanical Engineering) participate in the programs.
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