Learn more about the Service Design Thinking Course

Design Thinking is more than a usual lecture in your study plan. For 9 ECTS credits, you will have to face a real business challenge. If you are willing to work on a real business problem in a team of five excellent students for a total of nine months (September ’18 to June ’19), you will get the unique chance to work with renowned Universities like University of St. Gallen – not to forget the mentors from your partner company.

What We Expect

  • You should be studying Business Engineering (M.Sc.), Information Engineering and Management (M.Sc.) or Computer Science (M.Sc.) at KIT.
  • Excellent achievements, enthusiasm and willingness to work together in a small team.
  • Good grades are important. But the same is true for your personality and, if applicable, your experience in Design Thinking.
  • Willingness to work diligently on a nine-month-project: 110% for your team, for your tasks, for your company. This is why we expect you to be present in Karlsruhe for the duration of the project.
  • Details on application deadlines will be published on this site.

What You Get

  • Experience in solving a real business innovation problem by applying the renowned Design Thinking methodology as developed and taught at Stanford University.
  • 9 ECTS credits for a complete BWL module “Service Design Thinking”.
  • Active participation in international Meeting of the SUGAR Network.
  • You will be part of the great SUGAR network of students and coaches from renown universities such as the Stanford University, the University of St. Gallen, or the Trinity College Dublin.
  • Coaching throughout the entire project.


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