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The SUGAR Network

The SUGAR is a global network that brings together students, universities and companies for the future of innovation through a new learning experience. The SUGAR Network facilitates human-centered design to young talented minds.

An alliance of over 20 renown universities from around the world form the academic center of the SUGAR network. These universities run a synchronized educational program, teaching the Design Thinking innovation approach over the course of nine months – also called the SUGAR program. An integral part of the program is the provision of real innovation challenges from major public or industrial organizations (also called the corporate partners) to teams of students participating in the programs. Each team typically consists of 6-8 students coming from two SUGAR-universities with a background in various disciplines. These student teams solve the challenge by applying the Design Thinking education to their respective scenario. The outlined participating students, corporate partners, and universities jointly form the SUGAR network.

Please find more information on SUGAR on the website of the SUGAR Network .

Map of Universities involved in the SUGAR Network

Sugar Network Map